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Sumérgete en el mundo de los líquidos Hangsen Classics, donde la calidad atemporal se encuentra con sabores clásicos. Esta exquisita gama ofrece una variedad de sabores tradicionales y queridos, con una proporción de PG/VG de 50:50, perfecta para cualquier distribuidor que busque ofrecer a sus clientes la renombrada experiencia de vapeo de Hangsen.

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What is the story of Hangsen Classics brand?

Hangsen, a pioneer in the vaping industry, has a decade-long heritage marked by innovation and excellence. Hangsen Classics' journey began in 2009, and since then, it has been committed to revolutionizing the electronic cigarette industry. Hangsen made its mark by inventing the first PG/VG e-liquid and creating the famous RY4 flavor, a best-seller and loved by vapers worldwide. After ten years of refining its craft, Hangsen leveraged its rich experience to launch the Hangsen Classics brand in 2019, encapsulating the best of its expertise​​.

What is the philosophy and slogan of the Classics brand?

The philosophy of the brand is rooted in delivering premium quality and classic flavors. Each e-liquid from Hangsen Classics is a treasured creation, painstakingly designed to bring forth an exceptional vaping experience.​

What flavor types are covered by Hangsen Classics products?

The Classics range covers a variety of flavor types, ensuring there is a choice for every vaper. Fruit lovers can enjoy the ripe and fruity notes, while those fond of a cool and refreshing taste can opt for menthol flavors. For the traditionalists, Hangsen Classics also offers tobacco flavors, providing the familiar taste of classic tobacco.

What is the range of Classics brand products?

In terms of product range, Hangsen Classics offers a balanced PG/VG ratio of 50:50, providing a perfect balance between flavor and vapor production. Classics caters to vapers with different nicotine preferences, offering e-liquids in strengths of 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml.

What are the appropriate vaping devices for Classics brand products?

Hangsen Classics E-Liquids are best suited for use with vape pens or POD devices operating at 8-14 W. These devices can effectively deliver the unique flavors and balanced vapor that the Classics range promises.

What are the best 3 Classics products? Where can I buy Hangsen Classics products?

Three of the most beloved products from Hangsen Classics are Blueberry, Menthol, and Gold and Silver. The Blueberry e-liquid offers a ripe and fruity taste, with the sharp yet sweet blueberry flavor providing a distinct, one-note e-liquid experience​​. The Menthol variant is a refreshing blend, offering a fresh-tasting menthol flavor from inhale to exhale, providing a distinct and icy experience​​. The Gold and Silver e-liquid is a delight for tobacco lovers, delivering a straightforward yet delicious tobacco taste with subtle nutty undertones​​.

Although Hangsen Classics products are not available directly from the Hangsen online store, they can be found in retail stores and online resellers.

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