Journey through Hangsen’s Polish factory: Experience the excellence facility and exceptional products

Sala de Prensa el por Blain Neale
A red brick factory building with a sloped roof and multiple dormer windows, located in a snowy setting. There is a parking lot in front with a few cars, most prominently a black minivan. The sky is overcast, suggesting a cold day.
A far view of Hangsen Poland factory office.

Established in 2013, Hangsen’s Polish manufacturing base is the first production-oriented enterprise set up overseas by a Chinese vaping company, receiving high recognition and robust support from the Polish government. Located strategically in Europe's supply chain, Hangsen's Polish base offers distinct advantages, including shorter delivery times, lower logistics costs, and cross-border policy benefits that surpass those of its Chinese counterparts. Over the years, Hangsen's Polish Research and Manufacturing Center has built a strong reputation among European customers by consistently delivering high-quality products.

In Poland, we boast a 3000-square-meter production workshop, which has been certified under ISO standards. This facility provides a clean, sterile, odor-free, and controlled environment with consistent temperature and humidity levels to ensure that our products meet international standards for quality and performance throughout the production process.

In the Poland factory laboratory, the technician is testing e-liquid samples.

Stringent Standards

High-quality products are the result of a rigorous quality management system. To provide top-notch industry services, we have achieved a series of international standard certifications including HACCP, GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and more. Each product fully complies with TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) standards and undergoes multiple stringent tests and quality controls to ensure safety and reliability. With over 1000 SKUs of TPD-compliant products, we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. We will continue to uphold the principles of integrity, innovation, and excellence to provide our customers with even higher quality products and services.

Comprehensive Traceability

Every drop of e-liquid can be traced. We implement a full-scale testing standard to ensure that every stage meets high-quality requirements. From the raw material reception, production processes, to the finished product shipment, each step undergoes rigorous monitoring and testing, enabling precise control over the entire e-liquid production process.


"We Deliver Within 3 Days"

We prioritize our customers’ delivery requirements, which is why our service not only responds quickly to delivery requests but also ensures timely shipments. Throughout the entire distribution process, we reinforce quality and safety controls to ensure that the goods reach our customers intact. Our dedicated team, spanning supply chain management, production management, logistics, and distribution, boasts extensive experience and professionalism. They provide comprehensive services to our customers. Our goal is to offer high-quality and efficient services, making customers feel our reliability and trustworthiness throughout our partnership.

At Hangsen's Poland production base, we firmly believe that product quality and safety, traceability, and customer satisfaction are the key factors to our success. Over the years, we have continuously invested in research and development, technology, and quality management to ensure the outstanding performance of our products in the market.

We cordially invite all our partners and potential customers to visit us. You will have the opportunity to personally witness our production processes, quality control standards, and innovative technologies, as well as engage with our team to gain a deeper understanding of our collaboration methods and future vision.

Hangsen is committed to providing high-quality and trustworthy products and services to our customers. We appreciate your attention and trust and look forward to collaborating with you in the future to create a brighter future together.