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How is Hangsen's R&D capability?

Hangsen, a leading brand in the e-cigarette industry, is well-known for the commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Backed by a robust research and development infrastructure, we have been at the forefront of delivering exciting new products to the market.

Hangsen's R&D prowess sets it apart from its competitors. With three international centers located in Europe, the USA, and Asia, we have established a strong global presence, ensuring that it is at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements in the vaping industry. We have over 100 highly skilled professionals working in their R&D department, coming from diverse nationalities and backgrounds, which allows for a wide range of perspectives and ideas in their product development​​.

Hangsen's R&D efforts are well-equipped and capable of conducting extensive e-liquid and e-cigarette testing.

How does Hangsen stay competitive in the vape juice market?

The competition in the vape juice market has been heating up. Yet, Hangsen has consistently risen above the fray through its commitment to developing new e-liquid products and keeping its brand vibrant and relevant. Hangsen's latest arrivals demonstrate their relentless drive for innovation.

Our latest product line, Bar Fuel, features 25 unique e-liquid flavors, offering a wide range of options from fruity complex medleys to familiar favorites. These e-liquids are balanced perfectly at a 50:50 PG/VG ratio and are available in 10 ml volumes with 10 mg/ml and 20 mg/ml nicotine strengths​​.

What is the competitiveness of Hangsen's latest products?

Hangsen's new products have been designed with the latest technology, and they have the broad market potential for business partners and consumers alike. Hangsen's new arrivals were showcased at The Vaper Expo UK 2023, displaying their latest research findings and innovative products. This event provided an excellent opportunity for industry professionals, customers, and enthusiasts to explore Hangsen's quality products and learn about the latest industry trends and developments​​.

Hangsen's new products, backed by their sophisticated R&D capabilities and cutting-edge technology, are set to make a significant impact on the vaping market. Our commitment to quality and innovation positions them as a brand worth watching, with products that are worth trying for consumers and represent potential business opportunities for partners.

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