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How many Hangsen products are sold?

Founded in 2009, Hangsen has been at the forefront of the electronic cigarette industry, developing innovative e-liquids that resonate with consumers worldwide. With a presence in over 85 countries and having sold over 500 million bottles of e-liquid, Hangsen has solidified its position as a global leader in the vaping market.

How are the featured products selected?

Hangsen’s featured products are selected based on several detailed criteria, including global sales, retail customer sharing, and corporate customer feedback. Hangsen’s commitment to listening to its customers, acting efficiently on the feedback received and consistently delivering high-quality products has been a crucial component of its success.

What do distributors and retail customers say about Hangsen e-liquid?

Reviews from distributors and retail customers shed light on the quality and appeal of Hangsen's e-liquids. Discussing their positive experiences in e-cigarette forums and communities for example, the brand has received impressive ratings, with high marks in taste, throat hit, and value​​. Hangsen’s e-liquids are noted for offering excellent quality at a significantly lower price than many other premium e-liquids and the wide variety of flavors that Hangsen offers has also been highlighted as a major strength, with some retailers stocking over 100 different flavors​, making Hangsen a popular choice among vaping enthusiasts​​.

Hangsen's focus on quality, flavor variety, and affordability, coupled with its commitment to customer feedback, has positioned them as a leading e-liquid manufacturer, well-received by customers and considered a valuable addition to distributors globally.

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