Innovating the future: Hangsen at GTNF 2023

Newsroom on by Wing Xu
Panelists are seated on stage at the GTNF conference during a session on research and innovation, with the session's title and the names of the moderator and speakers displayed on the screen behind them.
Dr. Kang Yu is communicating with other participants in the forum.

On September 21, 2023, the three-day Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) concluded successfully in Seoul, South Korea. This forum brought together experts, government representatives, and industry leaders from around the world to jointly explore the future development and innovations of the tobacco and nicotine industries. The theme of this GTNF was "Change the Conversation. Change the Outcome". Mr. Yao Haoyu, the CEO of Hangsen, and Dr. Kang Yu, head of the Hangsen Research Institute (HRI), represented the company at the forum and expressed significant viewpoints in the expert panel.

The industry issues discussed in this forum include preventing youth smoking, the global regulatory environment, sustainable development and environmental protection, dissemination strategies for nicotine products, and future research and development, aiming to address the challenges faced by the industry and explore future development opportunities.

In the discussion themed "Innovative Products for the Future", Director of the Democracy Institute Patrick Basham mentioned, "Innovation is the driving force for continuous change, and new products are disruptive and potentially bring substantial health benefits." In response to this topic, Dr. Kang Yu proposed the viewpoint that every technological iteration and innovation benefit and change not only the manufacturers of smoking implements but the entire industrial chain. Device manufacturers, brand merchants, etc., should also focus on compatibility studies, collaborate with e-liquid manufacturers, and jointly develop and grow, gaining recognition and support from participating experts.

Additionally, Dr. Kang Yu represented Hangsen in introducing the company’s strategic transformation in scientific research and innovation, and the latest progress, expressing the group’s philosophy and confidence in providing better and safer products for consumers. Furthermore, she was also invited to express her views on harm reduction topics and the prospects for future scientific research and innovation.

With the expansion of the vaping market, countries around the world are beginning to propose requirements for the standardization of the industry. Facing the urgent needs and challenges in harm reduction of new tobacco products, Dr. Kang Yu expressed that harm reduction in tobacco products is a long-term and persistent task that the entire industry needs to focus on. Its primary work is to establish a sound harm reduction evaluation system and set up a reference sample system. 

Based on the product characteristics of new tobacco products, Hangsen integrated more than 200 testing methods and established a comprehensive evaluation system to assess the health and safety risks and harm reduction features of products. With this system as the foundation, Hangsen continuously selects and iterates safer, compliant, and harm-reduction products to protect the health interests of end consumers, in collaboration with the upstream and downstream industrial chain.

For future scientific research and innovation, Hangsen focuses on the development and exploration of core technology and basic scientific theories, continuously investing in scientific research in areas such as heating vaporization mechanism, identification and application of new materials, sustainable development, and green development direction, and absorbing advantageous technologies from other industries, to promote product and technological innovation.

A group photo of Dr. Kang Yu and others at the end of the forum.

As a global leading manufacturer of electronic vaporization liquids, Hangsen will adhere to the engine of "Compliance + Innovation + Harm Reduction", fully leverage professional advantages, and gather strength, develop, and integrate with enterprises within the global industry to aid industry upgrades in the future.