Hangsen's world vape show dubai tour ended successfully, looking forward to the next stop!

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This is a overhead photo of Dubai showing the city's vibrancy and prosperity.

June 12-14, the 2024 World Vape Show took place in Dubai, UAE, and was the focal point of the global vape industry. Increasing significantly in size and reach, this year's show brought together vape professionals from more than 80 countries. The number of exhibitors and attendees reached new heights, making it one of the most influential shows in recent years.

World Vape Show Overview

First launched in September 2021, the World Vape Show (WVS) quickly became a huge success and expanded to the UK, UAE, South America and Asia. As a pioneer in the e-cigarette industry in the Middle East, World Vape Show Dubai provides a unique platform for manufacturers to showcase their products to thousands of international retailers, wholesalers, distributors and consumers. The event helps to increase brand awareness and gather feedback from a wide base of existing and potential customers.

Here is a plan showing the locations of world vape show around the world.

The concurrent Global Vape Forum represents a new level of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the vape community, providing attendees with unparalleled opportunities to interact with top experts, industry celebrities and international public health stakeholders.

This premier event is the perfect gateway for e-cigarette companies to enter the broader MENA market and provides an excellent platform for companies looking to enter the vape market, expand their business or establish new trade relationships. A wide range of products will be on display, including vaping machine hardware, e- cigarettes, bongs and hookah devices, heat-resistant and non-combustible products, e-liquids and testing technology.

Here is one of the highlights from the conference of Dubai world vape show 2024.And this discussion is about the flavors debate.
Highlight from the conference by World Vape Show

Hangsen’s Showcase at the Event

This year's exhibitors included well-known brands such as ELFBAR, VAPORESSO, ELUX and Hangsen and many more. Hangsen showcased its expertise in e-liquids and device compatibility as well as its leading nicotine salt technology and introduced the latest flavors in the Bar Fuel and Bar Series. The display highlighted Hangsen's resilience and dynamism on the global stage.

“We have tailored our products to the preferences of the Middle East market and strive to provide a quality experience for our visitors,” said Hangsen's Head of Exhibits.

Many attendees were attracted by Hangsen's vast experience in flavor blending and extensive research into global tastes and enthusiastically engaged with the team of Hangsen.

The Hangsen marketing manager added: “ We have extensive experience in flavor blending and in-depth research on global flavors. This highlights our blending and research capabilities.”

Here is a photo of Hangsen's participation in the World Vape Show,with customers consulting Hangsen's staff in front of Hangsen's booth.

Dubai: The City of Gold

Dubai, with its vast array of gold markets, gold stores and gold jewelry, is known as the "City of Gold" and is a global center of trade and commerce. Strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, Dubai enjoys a strong geographical advantage due to its free and open market environment, advanced infrastructure and business-friendly policies. This positioning makes Dubai a key transshipment point for global trade and a central influence on the entire Middle East region.

Here is a picture of the world map with the location of Dubai highlighted.

Growing Middle East Markets

As an emerging market for e-cigarettes, the Middle East has become a major target for global e-cigarette companies. The region is recognized for its diversity and openness, and the strategic importance of the Middle East to the e-cigarette market cannot be overstated.

According to Statista, as of January 2024, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had a population of 9.55 million. From early 2023 to early 2024, the UAE's population increased by 76,000 (+0.8%). The UAE population is 30.9% female and 69.1% male, with 87.9% living in urban centers and 12.1% in rural areas. The median age of the UAE population is 33.6 years. It is safe to say that the UAE's youth demographic continues to grow and is full of vibrant energy.

The financing market in the UAE is experiencing significant growth, driven by factors such as customer preferences, market trends, local conditions and macroeconomic influences. Customer preferences play a crucial role, and market trends indicate that customers are turning to more sophisticated and innovative ways of raising capital. Technological advancements have made it easier for companies and entrepreneurs to access funds from a wider range of investors. The UAE's favorable business environment, supportive government policies, and free trade zones offering tax incentives are attracting global investors, including those in the e-cigarette sector.

The legalization of e-cigarette sales opened new doors for the e-cigarette market in the UAE in April 2019 when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lifted its previous ban on the sale of e-cigarettes, vaping devices and e-liquids.

According to Statista, the e-cigarette market in the UAE is expected to reach a revenue of USD 68.5 million by 2024. The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.28% (CAGR 2024-2029). On a per capita basis, the revenue per capita is projected to be $7.95 in 2024. The United Arab Emirates has seen a significant rise in the popularity of e-cigarettes among young people, with a growing number of vape stores and a steady increase in e-cigarette related events and exhibitions. In the future, the vape market in the UAE will continue to expand, ushering in a broader outlook.

Here's a chart posted by Statista on the upward trend of UAE's GDP.

Hangsen’s Bar Fuel and Bar Series

About Hangsen Bar Fuel:

Announced in November 2022 and launched in April 2023, Hangsen Bar Fuel is quickly becoming the UK's preferred choice for Nic Salt e-liquids, with its innovative and flavorful products revolutionizing the vaping experience. Compared to traditional free nicotine, Hangsen Bar Fuel's smooth and powerful nicotine release ensures that there is no stinging in the throat. At the World Vape Show Dubai, Bar Fuel brought many surprises to the exhibitors. To learn more

About Hangsen Bar Series:

The Hangsen Bar Series E-Liquid perfectly inherits the essence of disposable BAR flavors, becoming the market leader. With a deep understanding of disposable vape flavors, Hangsen is the world's largest OEM supplier of BAR flavor e-liquids. The Bar Series has rapidly gained worldwide fame, offering an excellent substitute for disposable vape flavor enthusiasts.In addition, the Bar Series is a more environmentally friendly option, Read more

Featured flavors in the Bar Series include:

  • White peach razz
  • Strawberry raspberry cherry ice
  • Fizzy cherry
  • Blueberry sour raspberry
  • Strawberry kiwi
  • Fresh mint

All Hangsen products are manufactured in class 100,000 cleanrooms to ensure consistency and reliability, adhering to ISO 9001, HACCP, and GMP quality certification standards.

Here's a picture of hangsen's Barfuel line of e-liquid flavors on display at the World vape show.
Here's a picture of hangsen's e-liquid flavors on display at the World vape show.