Hangsen brings Bar Fuel 10ml to the market

Newsroom on by Blain Neale
A concept artwork for Bar Fuel e-liquid
We are extremely proud to introduce our latest premium e-liquid to the Hangsen family.

Bar Fuel is a Nic Salt balanced perfectly at a 50:50 PG/VG, available in 20/10mg nicotine strengths and bursting with 10 incredible flavours from fruity complex medley’s to family favourites.

As innovators in the vape industry we are on a mission to move to a more sustainable way of vaping and this has been central to the research and development of Bar Fuel.

By simply switching from disposable vapes to refillables, and 1 bottle of Bar Fuel being equal to 5 disposables, it's a much more environmentally conscious approach, a great way to lower your costs and most importantly choose a quality e-liquid that suits your needs. 

We're looking forward to seeing how Bar Fuel is received by our business partners and consumers alike!

Hangsen Bar Fuel 10 flavours at a glance chart

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Want to see Bar Fuel live? Catch us at the Vaper Expo 2023, Birmingham, UK

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